Brides Love Kabuki Handthrow Streamers!

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handthrow-mul-150x150Like most little girls, Jessica had always dreamed of the perfect wedding day. Now that she was engaged to the love of her life and he had given her full control over the plans of the wedding, her dreams started to become a reality.

Of course she wanted the perfect dress. Sleeveless and simple, the perfect statement for beachside vows. She didn’t have to worry about shoes, just the sand between her toes would be enough. Simple flowers in her hair and a stylish white beach shirt for her groom. Should guests throw rice, wedding confetti, party streamers?

She would ask her bridesmaids to wear pale orange sundresses to match the color of the sky as the sun set. No flowers to carry, just a lei made of fresh, fragrant hibiscus buds around each girl’s neck. Each groomsman would match the groom with just one difference; their shirts would be pale orange.

The only thing she needed was a way to signify what was in her heart. It felt like it would burst with all the joy, excitement, and love she felt inside. That was it! She needed all her guests to throw a burst of colorful Kabuki Handthrow Streamers. It would be the perfect way to match the explosion of love in her heart.

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