Confetti and Streamers – Which Should I Use

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Confetti and Streamers – Which ones for me?


Hands Down… Nothing screams “Celebration” like confetti and streamers showering your guests. We have some perfect options for you, regardless of the size of your party or special event…

Small parties – Perhaps you are having a  party at home, or in a small hall. Often your ceiling height will limit what type of confetti or streamers that you can use. Using one of our handheld launchers or electric launchers would just be over kill, and it’s  likely the confetti and streamers would just bounce off the ceiling…

Here are some great confetti and streamer options for small-ish parties:

Handthrow Streamers – These are great for small parties, weddings, and any event that you need to minimize the mess made. These are small packets of streamers that you attach to your finger with a loop, They have a tissue paper cover on them, at the magic moment, you tear the cover off using the tab, and give the streamers a toss! Voila!  A big burst of streamers!  You can rip them off or  reel them back in. The streamers will unfurl to a full 15 feet. These are a lot of fun… all the guests will love them. Only $2.89 each. Order now!
Confetti Flick Stick

Confetti Flick Sticks -Nothing says Woo-Hoo! like confetti! For as long as I can remember, anytime we want to mark a joyous moment, we use confetti.

Now you can create a mini “Times Square on New Year’s Eve” for your party and let your guests get in on the fun. These 14″ confetti sticks are loaded in each end with our tissue confetti, to launch them you simply raise your arm above your head, hang on tight to the flick stick, and give it a sharp flick! Out comes a big burst of  confetti! Flip it over and repeat for more fun! The confetti will fly about 15-18 feet.
Make sure you get at least one for each guest. These start $1.99 each, depending on your color choice. Order now!

Medium- to Large-Size Parties – Perhaps these are in a banquet hall. The options above are still great, many people will incorporate the Handthrow Streamers or Flick Sticks into their centerpieces. It’s always fun to let the guests get involved.

Here are some options for bigger parties. The larger the area, the more of these you will need!

32″ Celebration Launcher Starter Kit

Confetti Cannon Starter Kit

These are great for mid-size parties or special events. The kit comes with two of the 32″ handheld launchers, ten sleeves of confetti and streamers and 10 16 gram CO2 Cartridges. That’s enough for 5 shots from each launcher! The launchers will throw the confetti 45-65 feet up and out! They use 1 sleeve of confetti and/or streamers and one CO2 cartridge per cannon, per launch, so… that’s about 3500 piece of confetti, 120 of our 15′ streamers or 33 of our Speedload Streamers. A really nice burst of either!

As a kit you save over $40.00. The kit is yours for only $289.99! We also rent these – contact us for a quote. Please reserve these early in advance of holidays as we always sell out. Order Yours Now!

Trying to figure out how many launchers you will need? we usually like to place a launcher every 30 feet, this way you will make sure you get nice even coverage. (Each kit comes with 2 Celebration Launchers.) So if the area you want to cover is 120′ x 120′ you would get 16 launchers and place them every 30 feet throughout the room. Could you use less, perhaps, but one rule in the confetti business is a little more confetti than you need is a lot better than not enough confetti.

RC-2 Confetti Cannon

RC-2 Confetti CannonThese are professional confetti cannons. We use these when we produce confetti and streamer effects for Taylor Swift, Blueman group, Mariah Carey, etc.

The RC-2 has two barrels. Each barrel will hold three sleeves of confetti and streamers. The barrels can be moved left and right, and up and down. They are charged with compressed air, so you will need an air compressor that goes to 135 lbs. Each launcher has its own air reservoir, so they don’t need to stay attached to the compressor.
The RC-2 Confetti Cannon will shoot your New Year’s Eve confetti and streamers 45-65 feet. The big difference between using these and handheld launchers is the amount of confetti and streamers dispersed 6 times the amount as the handhelds, these can be rigged in your truss, arranged on the deck of your stage and be daisy-chained together so that with a push of a button (Simply give it a jolt 0f 110 volt AC) and the whole stage or room will erupt in confetti or streamers.  Now that’s a party! The RC-2 Confetti Cannon sells for $1225 each. We also rent these – give us your details and we’ll put together the right-priced package for you. Order Now!

Regardless of the delivery mechanism you use for your Confetti and Streamers, we’re sure you’ll agree that a party WITHOUT confetti and streamers will just be flat.  Be the envy of everyone when you show them you know how to party in style! Get your confetti and streamers today. Order Now!