Sleeved Tissue Confetti

Sleeved Flashy Metallic/Tissue Mix Confetti

Sleeved Metallic Confetti
Bulk Confetti – For Blowers or Drops

Tim woke up with the feeling of anticipation. It was his birthday and even though he was turning the big 4-0 he felt great. He had been in his new position for a month. He got along well with his co-workers, and his boss seemed impressed with his skills. He had finished the month above and beyond his sales goals and would be eligible for a bonus.

As he went to work, he expected the typical “happy birthday” or “don’t you look old this morning.” But everyone just shuffled along as usual, their heads buried in cups of coffee or sales reports. No cheesy streamer hung in the office kitchen. No table cloth covered with little confetti pieces. Just past noon he began to wonder if even his mother remembered it was his birthday. She usually calls and sends a card. Maybe the card was sitting in the mailbox at home.

By five o-clock Tim was depressed. Not one call, text, or e-mail wishing him a happy birthday. He had even checked his flip calendar to make sure it really was his birthday. He had decided to go home, order his favorite take out, and watch a movie. At least he would celebrate. When he arrived home, he opened his door to hear many voices shouting, “Surprise” just as all his friends launched brightly colored confetti into the air. I guess everyone remembered after all.

Every party benefits from an explosion of fun fetti in festive die cut confetti shapes, luminescent metallic confetti or slowfall fluttering confetti. Bring a smile to everyone face when you add party confetti to an event.