Kabuki 32″ Celebration Launcher Handheld Confetti Cannon Starter Kit

HandHeld Confetti Cannons

Every celebration, no matter how small , needs confetti and streamers. Nothing says excitement like launching confetti into the air and watching it fall around you and your guests. For years confetti has been used to mark the importance of an event. From weddings, to graduations, to anniversary parties, and surprises, confetti is the exclamation point to any celebration.

Handheld Confetti Cannons are ideal for making a smaller celebration feel big.

The 32″ Kabuki Celebration Launcher is the most popular handheld confetti cannon and sends confetti and streamers 45-65 feet into the air. Our Hand Held Confetti Cannon’s are easy for one person to load and to fire.Firing a Handheld Confetti Cannon at the   beginning or end to any celebration, sporting event, parade, or party will be sure to bring a roar from your crowd!