Party Streamers add BIG Wows!

Nothing screams celebration like streamers!

Streamers fired from a confetti cannon will bring big Wows to your party!

Imagine when your celebrating Dad’s 75th birthday. As he walks into his surprise party, he hears “SURPRISE” and is showered in streamers! NOW he feels like a Rock Star!

Tissue Skinny Twin Party Streamers
Tissue Streamers
Bubble streamers add just a bit more WOW!
Tissue Bubble Streamers
Flashy Tissue and Metallic Streamers
Flashy Metallic/Tissue Mix Streamers
Shiny Metallic Party Streamers
Metallic Streamers


Simple to use! You load the streamers into one of our Handheld Streamer Cannons or if it’s a BIG party our Electric Launchers do a wonderful job at creating a huge party WOW! Simply pull the trigger and an eruption of party streamers will shower you and your guests. These are very safe and very simple to use! These have been compared to actually get two effects, just like fireworks. You see them go up and then the unfurl in a starburst!

You can rent the cannons if you just want to use them once, or if you want to shower the next guest of honor at your next party with streamers… Get our Handheld Starter Kit! The Starter kit will give you ten shots, and you save about 50 bucks!

If you already own a launcher select below to choose the party streamers that will work best for your party. They come in 10 different colors. Streamers are available in flameproof tissue an flame resistant shiny metallic. A mix is nice. It adds a lot of contrast and sparkle!

Mariah Carey Loved our party streamers!

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