Handheld Confetti Cannon Starter Kit

No parade is complete without bursts of Confetti and Streamers. Our Starter Kit comes with everything you need to link watchers on the sidewalk with the spectacle on the march.

This Kit comes with 10 CO2 cartridges for 10 great blasts of color.  It’s specifically designed to cover large crowds with Streamers and Slow-Fall fluttering Confetti, and will be a highlight of your parade.

The Parade Starter Kit comes stocked with our most popular colors. Need a custom color assortment?  No problem.  Just let us know.

The Handheld Confetti Cannon Kit Contains:

  • 2 – 32″ Celebration Launchers
  • 5 – 18″ Sleeves of  Skinny Twin Streamers
  • 5 – 18″ Sleeves of solid color Slow-Fall fluttering Tissue Confetti
  • 2 – 18″ Sleeves of Rainbow Streamers
  • 12 – CO2 Cartridges

Even if you’ve never used a confetti launcher, you’ll find these handy handheld cannons simple to operate and quick to reload.  Plus, the Parade Kit’s Tissue Confetti and Streamers are all biodegradable.


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